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I admit, It's been months since the last post. We have got suggestions on new posts, enquiries about why there aren't any new posts and there was a lot of activity going on in the existing posts. But where exactly have I been hiding? 

A book! That's right. I was writing a book! The response on this blog was fantastic and people were asking for more. There wasn't a better option than to publish more tutorials like this in the form of a book. And luckily, this suggestion came from one of the premier publishers in the world - Packt.

It wasn't easy and there was a lot to cover. And the audience has a wide range of interest. But with clear guidance from the publisher and with the experience in this blog, I have put together JIRA Development Cookbook which was published last Thursday, Thanksgiving day in the US!

The book comprises of 139 recipes spanning across 11 chapters in a little over 450 pages. It helps you to develop and customize plugins, program workflows, work on custom fields, master JQL functions, and more - to effectively customize, manage, and extend JIRA.

You can find the table of contents here. Or read a sample chapter from the book home page

I have learned a lot about JIRA while writing this book! There is something in the book for all. And I hope it helps some of you out there. If you too think so, go ahead and get your copy. 

Any questions about any of those recipes? You know where to ask ;)

So, what are you waiting for? And hey, watch this space for more posts!

UPDATE 14,Dec 2011:

There have been 2 reviews!

1. From none other than Matt Doar who is the author of Practical JIRA Plugins. Read the review at Matt's blog.
2. By Enrico M. Crisotomo. Read the review at Enrico's bog.

UPDATE 02,Feb 2012:

Follow up review from Enrico here.

UPDATE 04,Feb 2012:

A review from Pragmatic Developer's Blog here.

UPDATE 10,Feb 2012:

The feedback I have been waiting to hear: From Atlassian by Rich Manalang

Also, see Amazon reviews here.


11/28/2011 1:24pm

Unreal! Just bought the book. Thank you very much.

11/28/2011 1:27pm

Awesome! Hope you like it :)

11/28/2011 5:40pm

Congratulations! I'll be getting my copy asap.


11/28/2011 6:20pm

Thanks Matt! Hope there are at least one or two tricks that you haven't come across yet :D

And yes, I am gonna get one of yours :) I haven't got one yet because of the obvious reasons. Now I can peacefully read it!


12/05/2011 3:02am

Congratulations on the book Jobin, look forward to more tutorials on the site now.


12/05/2011 5:17am

Thanks Parthi!

01/08/2012 11:25pm

Congrats Jobin !!. Will get a copy asap..

07/23/2012 1:46pm

Good job on the book man. I'll have you sign it at AtlasCamp later this year. :)

07/24/2012 7:10am

It will be a privilege :)


08/13/2012 12:15pm

Is there a forum set up for newbies like me trying to follow the book, and can't even get past running the demo skeleton plugin? I sent you an email, but you probably get 1000's of them a day.

08/13/2012 7:48pm

I have replied to you :)

06/14/2013 5:49am

I personally think that it's a good way of publishing tutorials in the form of a book. Now this can become easier to find for audience.


Do you have any latest review pages? If so then please post it here.

07/29/2013 5:52am

Is there any problem with the link which you have shared to view the amazon reviews. Because when I clicked on the link it shown me '404 page not found' error

07/30/2013 7:23pm

Not sure what happened there but works fine for me. Btw, you can get to the page by searching for the book in amazon.

And in case you are not already aware, JIRA 5.x Development Cookbook is also in market.


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J tricks - Little JIRA Tricks