J Tricks - Little JIRA Tricks
Ever wondered how the nice little JIRA notification messages are created? The ones you get when an issue is created in JIRA?
Doing this is so easy that you will want to try it out in every new plugin that you write!

With the evolution of JIRA over the years, it has a set of nice APIs or helper methods for doing pretty much everything. But one thing that I always have to look up while developing plugins is using date and user pickers in a velocity template.

As usual, it is something that is really easy once you look it up. Here is a simplified version of what I have done in the last few versions of JIRA.

Ever since Plugins 2.0 was introduced, I have come across the NoSuchBeanDefinitionException more than anything else.

And this happens when you try to inject a JIRA component in the constructor. Following is a typical example.

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I am sure most of you would know what a JIRA workflow is. And most of you would have custom workflows implemented in your JIRA instance - for good or bad!

And while maintaining those workflows you certainly would have used the JIRA workflow designer. Even people like me, who always likes to choose the "Text" view over "Diagram" view, has had to use it at some point. For example, while adding common transitions.

Hola Everyone!

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No price for guessing what comes out this time.

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Everyone knows how the usage of proper decorators can get you the desired look and feel.

Have you been paying attention to the JIRA Decorators as well? If not, read on..

Recently I came across a simple requirement and saw an exaggerated estimate for that. Well, it isn't all that rare but I was amused how a different line of thought can make all the difference in the world!

Requirement : Make a field mandatory in the workflow screen and make sure the mandatory icon is present on screen.

This is going to be a quick one. How do one read from a property file in a JIRA v2 plugin?

Yeah, I know. It is pretty simple. But there are few who are stuck with it - as you can see from this thread.

One fine morning. While zipping coffee on the couch, I made up my design. It is going to be a service that reads configuration data saved using Active Objects. Easy peasy. So I thought!

I wrote my service faster than I planned, looking at my own tutorial, compiled it and everything looked fine.


J tricks - Little JIRA Tricks