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I love football, aka soccer! I was never a good player but whenever I played, I played center back. That is probably one reason why I was delighted when Ken Olofsen announced the JIRA Best X1 of 2011 in this post!

There it was, at No 4 position, my own book alongside a few other gems! A position which was graced by Patrick Vieira to Cesc Fàbregas to Javier Zanetti to err... I would rather not say it ;)

Well, one of the reason I wrote a JIRA book was because there wasn't one when I started writing it. I was badly in need of one when I started developing on JIRA and I assumed there were/are others like me. But even before mine was published, I heard about other books and it was too late to retract. And I am glad I didn't because only now do I realize that it is a team game after-all! Now because I just finished reading Matt's 'Practial JIRA Plugins'.

There are tips and tricks in the book that I have missed in mine and the read was fab. I am glad I bought a copy and I would recommend others who are thinking of serious JIRA development. Time for a quick review and here is what I posted in Amazon:

"Matt does a thorough walk-through of the JIRA plugin development process, starting from the basics of plugin development to the pubilshing of a plugin in this book. Also, the book covers 3 mostly developed JIRA plugin areas - Custom fields, workflows and Data Management in JIRA. 

The language is easy to understand, the examples are simple to comprehend. I am sure it will hugely benefit someone who looks at developing in these areas.

I wish the book had covered more aspects of JIRA development but that is the only complaint I have!"

As I said, I wish the book was bigger but hopefully some or most of the missing pieces are addressed in JIRA Development Cookbook and the other 2 books. I haven't got a chance to look at the other 2 books but I am sure the defense isn't complete wthout them. It is a team game after all. Ain't it?



09/05/2013 2:50am

Glad to know that you are a football lover! I am also a fan of it. Thank you for suggesting the JIRA book. I am searching for the same for two months. My visit to this blog is really worthy. I would like to say that I will share this blog to my friends also. Keep going!


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J tricks - Little JIRA Tricks