J Tricks - Little JIRA Tricks
It is sometimes amazing to realize how we missed something so simple! To realize how a little documentation could have saved us few hours (or days for that matter!). Presenting one that I came across while playing cat and mouse with JQL (JIRA query language).

Here is the scenario: I have a SearchRequest object from which I need to get the JQL query String. That's it. Simple, straight forward. Or so I thought!
We have seen how to write a custom field in one of the previous tutorials. Writing the field is one thing but making it available to one of the JIRA's most powerful functionality, i.e. Search, is another!

So how do we do that? In most cases, you wouldn't need a custom searcher. Instead you can use the built in custom field searchers in JIRA itself. The list includes, but not restricted to, Text Field Searcher, Date Searcher, Number Searcher, User Searcher etc.

J tricks - Little JIRA Tricks