J Tricks - Little JIRA Tricks
In the previous post we have seen how to write a gadget with static content. In this one, we will have a look at creating a gadget with dynamic content or the data that is coming from the JIRA server.

JIRA uses REST services to communicate between the gadgets and the server. We will see how to write REST services in the coming chapters. In this recipe, we will use an existing REST service.
Gadgets are a big leap in the JIRA reporting feature! The fact that JIRA is now an OpenSocial container lets its user add useful Gadgets, both JIRA's own and third-party, into its dashboard. At the same time gadgets written for JIRA can be added in other containers like iGoogle, Gmail etc!

Let us have a look at writing a very simple gadget, one that says 'Hello from JTricks'. By keeping the content simple, it will let us concentrate more on writing the gadget!


J tricks - Little JIRA Tricks